Lellis Trattoria is written with “Tradition”

João Lellis, grandson of Italians, founder of Lellis Trattoria, has been dedicated to gastronomy
since 1964. She wrote her story based on the art of cooking, serving and delighting all the
patrons and “welcoming” friends and customers.
Lellis, as he likes to be called, began his successful career in 1964 when he was hired as a
kitchen assistant at the Gigetto restaurant. After several promotions, he became a Chef de
Cuisine, performing in this interval other functions in other houses, such as butler, waiter and
manager, learning in practice all the tricks of the profession.
On July 7, 1981, he took the biggest step of his life by inaugurating Lellis Trattoria, bringing to
the project all the charm of typical Neapolitan trattorias, combined with the exceptional
quality resulting from his great experience over several years of work. The house has always
been a synonym for success due to the intense work carried out with great care and love.
In 1987, Mr. Lellis sold the house on Rua Al. Campinas (SP) to a businessman who chose to
continue using the name, without preserving the chain’s original characteristics.
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Out of respect
for clients and friends, we clarify that all links with Lellis at Rua Al. Campinas (SP) have been
From 1999, Lellis fulfilled an old dream, expanding its consolidated brand with the opening of a
branch in Curitiba and in 2010 with another house in the City of Campinas, which maintain the
same tradition as the “Matrix” on Rua Bela Cintra ( SP) and represent in their cities the most
cheerful and informal Italian canteen, one of the most loved in Brazil.
The house’s slogan represents all the dedication and affection dedicated to everyone who
attends Lellis: “Lellis Trattoria. Our specialty is to make you happy”.

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