If the flowers on the table are real, it means that the restaurant takes great care of the surrounding environment.

It can go wrong from time to time, but customer care almost always results
in a completely good experience. I’ve seen this a few times in my life, but if
the restaurant has the menu on a chalkboard, it means the dishes are
thought out daily (or weekly). It’s worth giving the place a chance, chances
are you won’t regret it. Same thing as the chalkboard and real flowers: they
show care for the environment, showing quality service even before
focusing on the dishes. You’ve probably been through a situation where the
restaurant looked like Joana’s mother’s house, but it had delicious food or
everything to be nice and in the end it was the biggest disappointment. So,
use this text as a good-humored guide to try to help you escape the tourist
spots on your trip, but don’t forget that the best dishes can be served in a
street stall, like Mario’s unbeatable hot dog in front from the Água Verde
shopping mall, from the best doner in the world, in front of a subway
station in Berlin, or like Siri’s Cheeseburger in the port of Reikjavik in the
photo there! New italian restaurant sandy springs

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